Author: Pauline Campbell

On The Beach

Movie review | On The Beach

In 1959, the end of the world came to Melbourne, Australia. I thought it was the scariest movie I had ever watched in stark black and white. It had no special effects, no blood and gore, no aliens invading in gigantic and threatening spaceships, no pumped up Arnold Schwarzenegger or hunky chiselled perfect male models […]


Book review The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson

They say laughing is good for your health. When you physically have to stop reading a book in mid-sentence because you simply cannot continue, you try but the laughter emanating from you is so overwhelming, when you are snorting loudly like a pig, tears are streaming from your eyes in such copious amounts that you […]


A sign from beyond

It was a mid morning phone call from her niece, which brought the sad news that Gwen had passed away. I couldn’t believe it. Her house empty, locked up, the 100 year old tree in the front yard, dropping its leaves as if recognising the loss.

The next day or two later, I stood at the balcony window, as I had so many times over the years, looking out over the rooftops, Gwen’s rooftop to the little chimney at the back. For some 20 seconds perhaps, I stared in silence and disbelief –


Sleepover with the grandkids

Have you ever felt so fatigued that it is hard to engage in ordinary everyday life?  Have you thought you have some type of exotic sleeping sickness or syndrome or are lacking in a vitamin essential for daily life? Possibly I’m describing a genuine medical condition with similar symptoms and I sympathise with people who […]


Toilets fit for a Queen. A fairy tale.

My Mother always used to say “ Even The Queen has to  use a toilet “ To a small child that statement seems miraculous and wondrous. To an adult who happens to be a Tour Guide, the word “ Toilet “ has an importance not to be avoided or ridiculed, become embarrassed at –  or […]


Close encounters of the spooky kind

My first memory of something unexplained occurred many years ago, when I was about ten years old. Life on a farm in the rich dairy country of south western Victoria meant natural encounters were part of daily experiences. Childhood games, wide open spaces to run, play, seek out, hide and explore. Days of heat shimmers […]


Pleasantville welcomes you

Moving House – Part 4 “ You mean we’re in Pleasantville?’ “ Sounds like the opening line of a movie scene…..only it’s real. Set in a simple place where residents exist in a traditional setting, never changing, just living day to day,doing the same things they’ve always done, like the glamorous women of The Stepford […]


The moving van or how not to hire a truck

Due to the aforementioned Mr. M ( fully licenced to drive an 18 ton furniture van and who had never had an accident) one more little worry was eliminated as the move progressed into the final stages.


Moving house – hiring a van. Rule number 2 – Don’t do it.

Moving house is very stressful. It’s high up there on the list of the most stressful things – after death or divorce! Both of these things can be a side effect of moving, especially divorce, which happens after the actual move – many times after the actual move. Even on the day of the actual […]


The rules of moving house part 2 – The Move.

The little white Mazda Familia hatchback, filled to capacity with the last of our breakable, precious items shuddered and swayed yet kept her stability on the slick, wet Westgate freeway. This car was fortunately built to handle such treacherous conditions, being full four wheel drive and turbocharged rally bred. Water ran down the windows creating […]