Author: Pauline Campbell


Hailstorms, a Mediterranean villa and a lost knocker

“ I come from Des Moines. Someone had to.” So said a famous author. Let me re-phrase that to more specifically reflect my own personal experience on making the life decision to re-locate to a small seaside town.   “ I come from Melbourne. I really liked it there and I didn’t have to move […]


View from my window

Blue. Blue.The clearest of blue water. Sparkling blue. The You Yangs form the familiar backdrop. A lone white yacht, elegance supreme, makes its gentle way across the bay. A stretch of white, choppy swells break briefly, to reveal two jetskies, churning the water as they zig-zag back and forth, to and fro, creating white roads […]


Memories of Paris in the heart of Geelong.

No it’s not Le Restaurant Jules Verne high in the Eiffel Tower and you don’t need a passport or a long flight to get here. You don’t even need a window seat. You can sit anywhere and still be transported straight to France. If you have never been to France, well this little bistrot gives […]


Travelling companion.

The Metro train journey from Melbourne’s west through to Flinders Street is usually a half hour trip. On this occasion, it took longer, delays due to Anzac Day crowds or other assorted breaks in schedule – like the pilfering of copper by crooks at signal stations, hence – no signals! In need of a spot […]


You can be the ripest, juciest peach in the world..and there is still going to be someone who hates peaches

Social media is a modern day tool which is used by millions, even trillions or gazillions of us. For reasons which only those with experience or an interest in psychology would possibly be able to fathom – and it is psychological – have no doubt about that. Behind all our posts or comments there are […]


The day I lost a tooth guiding a tour at The Vue Grand

After welcoming the guests and introducing them, very briefly, to Geelong, we head out to The Bellarine to visit two wineries as part of the tour. Later, on a quiet Queenscliff morning we all enter The Vue Grand for morning tea.