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Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter Two

JQ1 Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  Jetstar. Melbourne,  Australia to Honolulu Hawaii, USA. Travelling is quite stressful. On the move constantly. Carrying important documents and foreign cash across the globe, protecting them via various means and a load of paranoia, lest they vanish from your sight. At Melbourne Airport, the endless lines to check-in, then more queuing […]

Hawaii here we come

Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter One

Hawaii Adventure 2018 Chapter One – PRE FLIGHT ” She packed her bag pre-flight. Zero hour 9 am. And she’s gonna be hiii-ii –igh as a kite by then ” Elton John song. Well, she’s not high, she’s not even excited and she’s not packed! With exactly 2 weeks to go before that much anticipated […]

Angus, CAT!


Suddenly a remote memory surfaced….of Angus. It simply popped, uninvited, into my head. There I sat, in a very public space, surrounded by this thriving bustle of sidewalk strollers, when a single tear began its unexpected, slow and sad trail down my cheek, threatening to splash, uncontrolled, right into my skinny latte.


About Planet PAULINE

Bellarine Discovery Tours no longer conducts tours of the Bellarine for the winter months.  The Bellarine Peninsula is a place uniquely situated just an hours drive from Melbourne through the bayside City of Geelong, the jewel on Corio Bay. Called home by me, Pauline, a GOA* accredited professional Tour Guide an ex member of the Professional Tour Guides Association of […]

A successful tour

Tour Guide Memories

Participating in my own professional development – by sampling the gourmet delights of Kiltynane Winery – purely for research purposes! Hard to tell Winter is here.


Nach dem Frühstück im Ibis, Frankfurt am Main, sind wir schließlich auf der ICE (Inter City Express). Es gibt eine gewisse leichte Angst in einer kleinen Wolke absteigend auf uns, als wir den Ansatz des antizipieren – Kontrolleur. Aus unbekannten Gründen zu uns, außer der Tatsache des Reisens mit all seinen kleinen Spannungen und kleinere […]

About Bellarine Discovery Tours

Bellarine Discovery Tours has discontinued all tours, sorry. Experience the wineries and attractions of the Bellarine Peninsula just 50 klms across the bay from Melbourne. Tour this marvellous hidden wonderland, just beyond the City of Geelong, now gaining a more deserving reputation for its beautiful scenery, fine dining and premier wineries.  Our group tour of  Bellarine […]