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Angus, CAT!


Suddenly a remote memory surfaced….of Angus. It simply popped, uninvited, into my head. There I sat, in a very public space, surrounded by this thriving bustle of sidewalk strollers, when a single tear began its unexpected, slow and sad trail down my cheek, threatening to splash, uncontrolled, right into my skinny latte.

Angus the CAT

My name is Campbell. Angus Campbell.

My name is Campbell. Angus Campbell. The cat next door is pushing his luck. Up to now we have sat apart, me growling deep in my chest, him just looking. When he poked his nose inside the door however, I launched myself. It was loud. I think I spooked him because this is my patch. He will learn. I can look after myself.


Allergic reaction!

At home, I gazed with growing horror, at the red, raised, angry looking rash still erupting over areas of my body. Legs, arms, shoulder, wherever those gorgeous lotions of the Gods had touched. A more unsettling feeling added to my anxiety as I read the label of the cream she had recommended. Underneath the advice – “ kills germs, numbs local pain, eases swelling and redness (so far so good ), soothes the affected area ‘ was this gem.


A creeping vine or how to upset the neighbours 2.5

The trades person arrived 2 days after we reported to Council our intentions to remove the small pile of vine cuttings from the laneway. Just as he was leaving with a small trailer load, to take away that dreaded vine, we chatted briefly. I jokingly mentioned how fortunate it was that he arrived so promptly, […]


A creeping vine or how to upset the neighbours 2

Three months after the big move, the Venetian door knocker returned. I had almost despaired of ever seeing it again. If or when we were to return to tour Venezia, it was doubtful that we would find that little man in his leather apron, in a back shop, hidden along the myriad of winding alleys, […]


The final rule of moving house how to upset the neighbours number 1

Our first Christmas in the house, I wrapped a couple of little puddings in tinsel, quite expensive little puddings and placed them carefully in boxes with coloured ribbons, handwriting “ Merry Christmas “ and their respective names on cards. Mr. G placed them gently in both letterboxes that night. Maybe not so gently he mentioned later. It was a peace offering and I thought it would go a small way to helping. Nothing was ever said about that gesture.


Pleasantville welcomes you

Moving House – Part 4 “ You mean we’re in Pleasantville?’ “ Sounds like the opening line of a movie scene…..only it’s real. Set in a simple place where residents exist in a traditional setting, never changing, just living day to day,doing the same things they’ve always done, like the glamorous women of The Stepford […]


The moving van or how not to hire a truck

Due to the aforementioned Mr. M ( fully licenced to drive an 18 ton furniture van and who had never had an accident) one more little worry was eliminated as the move progressed into the final stages.


The rules of moving house part 2 – The Move.

The little white Mazda Familia hatchback, filled to capacity with the last of our breakable, precious items shuddered and swayed yet kept her stability on the slick, wet Westgate freeway. This car was fortunately built to handle such treacherous conditions, being full four wheel drive and turbocharged rally bred. Water ran down the windows creating […]


Hailstorms, a Mediterranean villa and a lost knocker

“ I come from Des Moines. Someone had to.” So said a famous author. Let me re-phrase that to more specifically reflect my own personal experience on making the life decision to re-locate to a small seaside town.   “ I come from Melbourne. I really liked it there and I didn’t have to move […]