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Star Wars C3PO R2D2

Star Wars The Force Awakens | movie review

Star Wars wouldn’t be the same without the humour – the one-liners, the looks, the audience laughed out loud at all the right places. I heard a rumour that Daniel Craig ( aka James Bond ) was in a brief scene as a Storm Trooper, so began a scrutinising of all Storm Troopers. He had denied this in an interview, saying why would he bother being an extra in a movie while he was busy filming Spectre!

JAMES bond

Movie review -Spectre

“ Just a little prick “ and with those words, MI6 Quartermaster ( Q ) Ben Whishaw, sets up his persona for the duration of this latest James Bond blockbuster, SPECTRE. There is much more to him than lovable Desmond Llewelyn’s portrayal through all the previous Bond movies. He’s unknowable and a bit mysterious. Spectre […]

On The Beach

Movie review | On The Beach

In 1959, the end of the world came to Melbourne, Australia. I thought it was the scariest movie I had ever watched in stark black and white. It had no special effects, no blood and gore, no aliens invading in gigantic and threatening spaceships, no pumped up Arnold Schwarzenegger or hunky chiselled perfect male models […]