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A sign from beyond

It was a mid morning phone call from her niece, which brought the sad news that Gwen had passed away. I couldn’t believe it. Her house empty, locked up, the 100 year old tree in the front yard, dropping its leaves as if recognising the loss.

The next day or two later, I stood at the balcony window, as I had so many times over the years, looking out over the rooftops, Gwen’s rooftop to the little chimney at the back. For some 20 seconds perhaps, I stared in silence and disbelief –


Close encounters of the spooky kind

My first memory of something unexplained occurred many years ago, when I was about ten years old. Life on a farm in the rich dairy country of south western Victoria meant natural encounters were part of daily experiences. Childhood games, wide open spaces to run, play, seek out, hide and explore. Days of heat shimmers […]